Our Story

OUR FOCUS. For ClearlyMD, LLC, our focus is simple:  physicians, their business, and their success.  Regardless of size, specialty, or complexity, ClearlyMD can provide answers and solutions for many of the difficult questions and concerns facing physicians and their businesses today and preparing for the changes and challenges of tomorrow.

OUR COMMITMENT.  Our commitment is to provide clear and innovative financial and operational solutions and services through objective-based analytics, consultation, and management to physicians and their businesses. 

With an experienced team and a proven history of assisting many successful physicians and practices, ClearlyMD is clearly a leader in the local medical practice management community.  Through our practice management experience and strategic technology and partner relationships, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources available to understand, adapt, and delivery the objective solutions and value-added services that practices and physicians need in order to thrive in the healthcare arena of tomorrow.  


Integrity:  Be true to yourself and others, in word and deed.
Teamwork:  Nothing great is accomplished alone.
Accountability:  Do your best; be the difference.
Customer Focused:  Know and understand your customers' needs and expectations and exceed them.
Resolve:  Overcome resistance through purpose, preparation, and determination.

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